Teardrop Traveler – the book

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With the help of 200 of her favorite images, Mandy Lea tells the story of how she transitioned from her conventional 9-5 career into a full-time nomadic photographer living in a teardrop trailer. Join her for both inspiration and photographic tips in this book.



After a 17-year career working in photography stores, photographer Mandy Lea realized that her wanderlust had become overwhelming―so she left her secure job, hit the road out with her teardrop camper (now her full-time home), and set out to pursue freelance photography and maybe learn a thing or two about life. In this book, she takes you behind the scenes on some of her travels around the United States and shows how simplifying your life and redefining your definition of success can open the door to new worlds of beauty and awe. From towering peaks to delicate streams and wildflowers, Lea’s images will pique your desire for adventure and your appreciation for the incredible splendors of the natural world―which are ready and waiting for all of us to discover and enjoy! Mandy Lea travels the country in her teardrop trailer, photographing all she sees. She’s spoken to large audiences all over the country, standing room only at a photography conference at the Javits in New York City, as well as Las Vegas, Nashville, and more!


18 reviews for Teardrop Traveler – the book

  1. Taryn Pyle

    I love your book! So well written and the photos printed so beautifully! Well worth a very reasonable price. I love everything about this book. I read the entire thing cover to cover the first night! You have been motivating me to get on the road and just do it. I won’t be able to say the Mountains made me do it, but probably should say Mandy Lea made me do it!!

  2. Tom McCarthy

    Teardrop Traveler is a wonderful book for anyone who loves the outdoors and the beauty our great country has to discover. Filled with exceptional images of landscapes and nature, any reader will be motivated to get out and explore the many parks and scenic areas all across the country. Mandy’s personal story inspires us with examples of discipline, courage, humor, and professionalism. She has taken the road less traveled, traveled it far, and succeeded in discovering much of what life is all about. Keep it Up!

  3. Cindy B

    I loved this book! The photographs are beautiful and show what an incredible country we have. Mandy’s story is moving.

  4. Bruce Brummitt

    Fabulous photography. The images take you on a journey to the backcountry of the USA…definitely a book to share and/or give as gifts to folks who haven’t trekked in the manner Mandy has. Her backstory is amazing, too.

  5. Michael Heward

    Such a wonderful book and inspiring author! Through the camera’s eye she teaches us to stop and look at all the wonder around us. Although it is not as big as a traditional “coffee table book”, it should be left out to pick up again and again. Flip through and admire the amazing photos, then go back and read the well-written dialogue. Really, it’s a teardrop table book. Camper. Person. Book…great things really do come in smaller packages!!

  6. Debra Baker

    Water Falls and Mountain Lakes Oh My! Teardrop Traveler offers the reader a visual feast. I have been very fortunate to have traveled to many of the same beautiful destinations as Mandy. Her brilliant photos and thoughtful commentary are a sweet reminder of journeys past. Through Mandy’s photos I am transformed to many of my “happy places”. Teardrop Traveler has invigorated my desire to “hitch up and head out”. This book is a must read for anyone who dreams of a life exploring the natural wonders beyond the confines of four walls. Teardrop Traveler will lead you into unimaginable beauty page after page.

  7. Mike Murphy

    A “Must Have” if you are a teardrop trailer owner! Can’t go wrong with stories about shoving off to the great undiscovered frontiers of the self.

  8. Rodney McKnight

    What an awesome book by one of the most interesting and outstanding photographers of our time…Her passion and love for photography and for her followers is unmatched. Just take time to read this book or book a place with one of her workshops and you will see her that she is a unique and special person in this crazy world of photography

  9. MOLLY ANN Cox

    The book is fabulous!!! Bought it as a surprise gift for my husband for Christmas. He’s my T@G partner. Thanks so much Mandy!!

  10. Jean Hansard

    I absolutely love Mandy’s book. As always her photographs are amazingly beautiful, her descriptions well done. Mandy has given many of us the encouragement to chase our dreams and explore this beautiful country we live in. We all love our tiny trailers!

  11. Meg Raines

    I first learned of Mandy Lea when I purchased my T@G in 2017 and I’ve followed her ever since. She is so inspirational and talented in the way she lives her life and works with her photography. I love that she autographed my copy of my book. Like my fellow reviewer I read it cover to cover the first night. I have it out on my coffee table for others to enjoy! Thank you Mandy!

  12. Mark Donnell

    Phenomenal imagery, and entertaining stories. Inspirational

  13. richard barrenger

    The way you tell the story with the images and how these are related toy the story of Mandy are incredible . The book is easy to read and the images are amazing even my 3 year old daughter loves the images especially the flowers and the colours. Thank you Mandy for the book

  14. Suzanne Marchand

    Beautiful, inspirational, touching. I loved each and every page. Only one flaw: too short! Thank you Mandy Lea.

  15. J Robert Long

    A beautiful and inspiring book. I really enjoyed Mandy’s story as she walks the reader through her thoughts and personal development over the last few years. I can’t wait to follow along as her journey continues. All the best.

  16. Laurie

    Mandy’s images and story blew me away. Her skills with a camera are amazing. I learned some great tips from reading this book for my own photography as well as learning about how she got out on the road. Whether you want to be inspired, see some photographs from places you might not otherwise get to see, learn how to follow your dreams, or just read about one girl’s story; I recommend spending these few hours with Mandy to see it all.

  17. Joshua Price

    Amidst the hustle and bustle of living the modern American Dream, Mandy Lea has had the courage break free and chart her own path. This book tells the story of her life as a nomadic photographer through both her words and images. She’s an accomplished artist who will make you see, make you think, and make you imagine a different way of living. Grab this book if you want to see things you haven’t seen and be inspired to do things you haven’t done. She’s a wonder and a muse who will move you to forge your own path if you let her!

  18. Craig A Loucks

    I got this for my wife for Christmas (autographed of course) and she loves it! She loves all of the photos and descriptions as well. We hope to see a follow up book chronicling the Alaska to Mexico trip. We would definitely buy that one too!

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