Colorado 14ers: Getting Acclimated

Today. Today is my day.

The video I am releasing today is about the preparation for one of my long time goals, climbing the Grand Teton. But today is about so much more. Today I begin the climb up a mountain – a mountain which I first laid eyes upon two years ago. Basking in a fiery sunrise, it reminded me that happiness wasn’t lost, and changed my life forever.

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üCamp17: Photos and Video

videoclick photoclick

I’ve attended my fair share of trailer rallies over the past couple of years, so I thought I knew exactly what to expect at this event. For the most part I was right – good food, good friends, and a boatload of great new ideas. Yet there were a few things I was still surprised by, namely the peaceful atmosphere and the picturesque landscape. However, by far the most surprising thing was the single most common word used by all the campers to describe one another: family. Read More

Two Go Tiny: Teardropping meets Truck Dwelling

The most difficult challenge of living on the road is by far that of loneliness. Whether you are traveling with a companion or ultimately alone, we all fight this. I’ve spoken in detail regarding the journey of finding peace and contentment within myself – a journey that I did not always enjoy, but always appreciated. Read More

T@G & T@B Trailers: 2018 model tours

As you all know, I spent the best year of my life living in a tiny T@G teardrop trailer. When the time came to move on, I took Phoenix back home to the nüCamp factory in Sugarcreek, OH and picked up my new Outback T@B, Rocky. Read More

Walking a Mandy Mile

The nature of my lifestyle breeds very little downtime to reflect on my experiences. Sometimes it feels like life moves a mile a minute, and if we don’t force ourselves to breath for a minute, we might just wake up 10 years later. Read More

2017 Official nüCamp Factory Tour!

Phoenix passes the torch to Rocky.

I often tell people that my life flows like a book. A series of chapters – short stories, really – roughly bound together to create the larger volume of my life. Each week I find myself in a new place, for a new reason, sitting in a new situation. The characters and settings change while I remain. As such, my stories with Phoenix were coming to a close. I am not sad. I will remember each night with fondness as I eagerly pursue new adventures by new means. And so, it was time to meet Rocky. Read More

Finding free time while full timing

When people ask me what it’s like to live on the road, I tell them it’s pretty much as they imagine it might be. It’s wonderful, amazing, life-changing, and… difficult. Read More