Bad Weather Camping Tips

Don’t Cancel, Dance in the Rain!

You’ve been planning your camping trip for months; vacation time approved and all packed! And then… you see it’s going to rain all weekend 🙁 These campers know how to make the best of a rainy situation, and share a few items you should always have on hand. Rain or shine, get out and go!

Check out the video, and then find affiliate links to our suggested items below!

#1: Outdoor Rugs

#2: Rain boots

#3: Crocs

#4: Plastic Table Covering

#5: Books & iPad

#6: Beverages!

#7: Rain Jacket

#8: Shade/Rain Canopy

#9: Step with traction

#10: Solid Tie-Downs

#11: Umbrellas

#12: Wi-Fi

#13: Audible Membership: Free 30 Day Trial (Click Here)

#14: Travel Games! (a few of my faves!)

#15: An Open Mind!

Love & Light!
Mandy Lea & Kendrick

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    Robert Nicholson

    May 11, 2021

    We are at Tallula gorge and it will rain tonite, no problem.we have taken a couple of trips this spring where it poured. At Sloppy Floyd State park the ranger came by and told us he would refund our money due to it raining so hard. And miss another adventure, no way.

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