2020 T@B Updates & Changes

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… it got better!

The T@B 320 has been around long enough that it’s a pretty streamlined camper, yet nüCamp found a way to perk it up just a bit for this coming 2020 model.

I’ve already made a few video walk throughs detailing out the T@B, so this time I kept it simple and got straight to the good stuff – what’s new!! If you want the whole tour, watch my 2019 tour video. If you just want the updates, check out the video below… then scroll down for a list of featured upgrades and some still photos I took. Cheers!

See the new stuff now!


List of featured updates:

  • Darker, modern cabinet finishing
  • Vinyl floors with matching wood pattern (regular and Boondock models)
  • Higher quality speakers for better sound
  • A/C relocation to under passenger side seat
  • Central air
  • Door with storage compartments, trash, window, fire extinguisher
  • Lighter weight Lagun table and countertop, scratch resistant
  • Sturdier handle (non-Boondock model)
  • Easy to use aluminum step

Walk-through Photos:


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