32 More Ideas for your nüCamp Trailer!

Over the last month I have admittedly been a bit preoccupied with a big project: Roaming with Rocky. This is our documentation of driving our T@B from the northernmost point in Alaska, all the way through Mexico. While this project has been consuming the lion’s share of my energy, fear not! I will not let the Mandy Lea Photo Blog suffer!

I have been shooting a lot of photographs, taking tons of video, and collecting content to share about my photography. But first – here’s one more about trailers!

Two of my most popular videos have been those featuring YOU and YOUR amazing ideas for trailers. First with “23 Quick Ideas for your T@G or T@B” and then followed up with “26 More Quick Ideas for your T@B Trailer“, I now bring you my 3rd quick tip masterpiece featuring none other than the beautiful YOU.

Vlog #35: 32 More Quick Tips for your nüCamp Trailer

Here are those tips again, along with some useful links:

#1: Larger tongue Box
Make sure to measure your specific space (and account for opening the lid!). The box we settled on is the Lund 60″ Toolbox.
#2: Dual 6V AGM Batteries
Running Dual 6V AGM Batteries will provide more amperage than the standard 12V.
#3: Dual Propane Tanks
If you boondock a lot or run your heater often, a 2nd propane tank is a great addition. Secure it with a Propane Cylinder Rack, and use a Y-Splitter.
#4: Extra Fresh Water Tank
They don’t sell a specific mod for this, so you’ll have to research it a bit. Contact nüCamp service with specific questions.
#5: Hook & Eye Latch
A simple solution to an annoying problem! This is the type I bought.
#6: Cargo Net Hooks
I used rubber coated ceiling hooks and drilled into the aluminum frame (not through it) to make sure they would not pull out of the ceiling.
#7: Custom Colors
Contact nüCamp or your local dealer to learn more about custom orders.
#8: Custom Awnings
This awning was made by Doty Hill Designs – check them out!
#9: Bluetooth Generator
Featured in this video is the Ryobi Bluetooth 2300W Generator.
#10: Additional Toolbox
If you don’t want to replace the original LP cover, there are many trailer frame toolboxes that will fit in addition. Be sure to measure!
#11: Tongue Box Lock
We all keep valuable things in our Toolbox, Add a lock!
#12: Light Cover
Cut this 3M adhesive red transparency tape to cover your light so it doesn’t blind you!
#13: Additional Coax Cable
If you’ve got the handyman bug, use a Coax wall plate and wire a new outlet!
#14: Water Splitter
An easy add on! Buy a Y-Splitter for your water, and add a handy spigot if you like.
#15: Folding Bike
Featured in this video is a EuroMini 8 speed bike.
#16: Bike Rack
Check out my full bike rack blog for links and a video about this setup!
#17: Bathroom Heat Panel
Contact nüCamp or your local dealer to order this part.
#18: Photo Frame
Don’t be afraid to decorate and make your home, home.
#19: Custom Vent Cover
I can’t link you this custom mod, but get creative and do something similar!
#20: Refrigerator Insulation
Use a roll of Reflectix Insulation to optimize your refrigerator performance.
#21: Stick-on Wallpaper
Adhesive wallpaper can really customize your interior!
#22: Alternate T@G Cabinet Setup
#23: Custom wood Utility Cart
#24: Custom wood tray/stove cover
#25: Custom wood coffee trays
#26: Hidden fridge shelf
#27: Kitchen Cabinet Shelves
#28: Outdoor Shower
There are many brands of pop-up tents and hanging showers to choose from.
#29: Stick-on Tiles
#30: Themed Pillows & Rug
#31: Quick Connect for Gas
#32: Stick-on LED Lights
Make sure to get the waterproof LED light strip if you’re putting them outside!

Links to previous Quick Tip videos:

23 Quick Ideas for your T@G or T@B Trailer

26 More Quick Ideas for your T@B Trailer

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    Rodney McKnight

    August 30, 2018

    Hey…why are two 6 volt batteries better than one 12 volt..I have a 12 volt….just wondering as I don’t know about these things.

  2. Reply

    Bill & Lynn Johnson Silver Shadow

    August 30, 2018

    Love your mods videos, they are so useful for so many people. Thanks!

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