A Bike Rack Solution for your Trailer

So you want your bike while you’re on the road, you say? But you can’t find a good place to put it? Well I had the same problem! Can’t go on top of the car, because I’m too short and that’s where I store things. It can’t go on the hatchback of the car because I don’t want to move them just to open the door. Can’t go behind the trailer because it’s too long and I like my clearance.

Don’t worry! We found a solution that works great on the nüCamp T@B or T@G and would easily translate to any small A-frame trailer. Check out my video and photos below to get the skinny!

Vlog #23: A Bike Rack Solution for your Trailer:

There are two parts to this setup: The elevated hitch receiver that allows the bikes to sit up high, and the bike rack itself which fits into the hitch receiver.

Upnfront Hitch Receiver:

  • They make a specific mount for the T@B.
  • It sits high enough above the LP tank that you can still open the lid.
  • It is a standard receiver and will hold many different bike racks.
  • You can move your bike rack easily from trailer to car when you unhook.
  • No need to drill holes in your frame.

Swagman Bike Racks:

  • The model shown in these photos is the Dispatch.
  • They make bike racks specifically for RVs.
  • There are options for 1-4 bikes.
  • It’s standard mount will also fit in your car hitch when unhooked.


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  1. Thanks for the great video. Still too high for me. Hope to find a solution for my T@G🙄

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