T@G & T@B Trailers: 2018 model tours

As you all know, I spent the best year of my life living in a tiny T@G teardrop trailer. When the time came to move on, I took Phoenix back home to the nüCamp factory in Sugarcreek, OH and picked up my new Outback T@B, Rocky.

While I was visiting, nüCamp was kind enough to give me free reign on their newest 2018 models so I could share with all of you. Join me as I walk through a 2018 Outback T@G Teardrop, my own personal Outback T@B Trailer, and even their newest and largest trailer, the T@B 400.

While the majority of people will buy these for recreation, I do hope you will see the beauty and freedom of the possibilities of living a more simple life. Love & Light.

2018 T@G Outback Teardrop

2018 T@B Outback Trailer

2018 T@B 400 Trailer

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12 Comments on “T@G & T@B Trailers: 2018 model tours

  1. I love all the references to how spacious everything is! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tour! I think you and NuCamp make a great team.

  3. Hey, Mandy. All of the upgrades you helped make happen are the exact ones needed. Those outlets beat the heck out of my extension cord! Haha. Thanks for being the woman you are and sharing all that you do. Happy trails. Your fan, Jackie

    • Aww… thanks for your support! It means the world to me!

  4. Best of the walkthroughs I’ve seen on these yet. I especially like the highlights of what’s new for 2018. Way to make those awesome changes happen BTW 😉 . Love the behind the TV “Mandy Hamper”. Some feedback: I found the music volume level too high on the T@B video relative to your speaking volume. Keep on rockin’ .

    • Aw thanks Zachary! I know about the music… I’ll get better!

  5. Hey, on the T@G, where is the solar charge controller? Is there a monitor where you can see how many AMPs you’re generating etc.? And do you still have the option of adding an external panel if, say, you want to park it in the shade? Thanks!

  6. Hi Mandy. I’m just learning about the T@B trailers and the information you share is much appreciated. Is the T@B trailer, by design, suited for four season camping or have you had to make modifications to allow for this? If so, what have you done? I recall one of your vlogs in which you talked about items freezing during last year’s Colorado winter. What will you do differently to improve your comfort level? Thanks for sharing your stories and your beautiful photography. Peace!

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